Where is your studio located?

Our main work office is 17/k/11 Dakshindari Road,kolkata - 700048.We also meet in quiet coffee shops closer to our clients, which creates a great atmosphere...

Do you travel?

Yes, we travel all over. Some locations in the Kolkata do not require a travel fee. Outside of Kolkata we charge for travel fee (Contact us to see if your location has a travel fee)

How many locations do you include with each package?

For wedding, there is a one location For each side.contact me for more details.

Do you retouch all or some of your images?

We edit our photos down to "the best of the best" from there we retouch all of our images.

What do you bring to the meeting?

When we meet with a client we bring a few sample online albums, for our client to view our work. This gives them the chance to really see our physical work.

What style of photography do you offer?

We offer a very unique style of photography that has various styles combined to create a very personal and fun experience. We take the time to get to know our clients to create a more relaxed environment for them, which in turn makes the photos 100% better. We like to be “a fly on the wall” but yet there when action is needed. We love to capture all the candid moments as well as create gorgeous and breathtaking posed images... To put it simply, we like for everyone to have fun!

What type of equipment do you use?

We only use professional equipment. Most of our photographers shoot with Nikon cameras. We also have an array of various lenses that range from super wide, to close up and far. This gives us an edge for getting that shot in any situation.

What about backup equipment?

Every photographer has a back up camera (1 - 2 cameras), flash, batteries, memory card, lens. Each camera is just as good as the camera they started shooting with.

Do you keep a backup of our files?

We keep all photography files on backup for up to one-two years after the wedding or shoot date.

Who designs our album?

Canvera & We have an album designer on staff.

How long does it take to get our album?

After the design is approved, it typically takes 4 - 8 weeks for our clients to receive their album.

Can we view your albums before booking your services?

Yes! Just shoot us an email or give us a call to set up an appointment!